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Seminal Television Roundup

You two and your football.

‘Seriously, seven out of  teenage ten girls have a negative body image.’ ‘Yeah, well six of them girls are right.’

‘Sometimes I bring him juice. My boyfriend is twelve.’

Gift. Whisperer.

“The Simpsons” inventing ‘Mafia Wars’ avant la lettre.

Seminal Television: Live Show!

Spot the difference. “30 Rock” made things different last night by having their show live, and they were so nice they did it twice! I do, however, have doubts on how this episode, having two versions, is gonna play out in eligibility the Emmy’s/Globes/SAGs/whatevers. I don’t know how that works. Rest assured, this episode is Jane Krakowski‘s shining moment, one of many.

Oh, also, this is the first time Judah Friedlander, Kevin Brown and Grizz Chapman performed live, although I don’t remember Grizz having any lines, as usual. Otherwise, everyone else in the cast had stage experience – Matt Damon appeared on the West End – and although the first scenes of the east coast episode felt awkward, they eventually got the hang of it. All of the helped create an episode that still fits with the rest of the “30 Rock” canon.

Anyway, differences. ETA: although Vulture did it better.

ph. NBC

For the East Coast, a book drops. For the west, the book is placed at the other end of the basket and Jack (Alec Baldwin) doesn’t pick it up.

Unfortunately only White Abed can pull off Slumdog Millionaire jokes, so they changed it to Alladin. Oh, also, Danny Boyle’s cinematic opulence in Slumdog Millionaire will be showing at the Bell Lightbox this Sunday at noon.

Krakowski sings in the East Coast version while Cheyenne Jackson sings for Glendale, Vegas, Portland. And no, I’m not gonna say something that gonna make me sound like Ramin Setoodeh.

Tracy Morgan screws up the set up for Dot Com’s (Brown) Angels in America joke. No one cares about this mishap, not even I.

The camera switch from Liz (Tina Fey) to Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) is a half-second late. I’m serious.

‘Choke a cop with your panties.’ In the East coast version, instead of ‘cop’ I distinctly heard ‘cock.’

In the West coast version, the songs were more rape-y. Also, I just realized that the sketch-oriented episode was what Fey wanted to show to have become. How things would have turned out.

East: Men need alcohol. It’s the first thing every civilization makes along with weapons, and shelters to enjoy prostitutes. West: It gives us the ability to hit on women. And later, when we’re married, to tune them out. Also, when Baldwin delivered the ‘penis was smaller’ line, the camera was closer to his face.

Male model actually kisses female model in East coast version.

East: “Thanks for an idea that started as a pitch for a horror movie and grew into a charitable institution…” West: “I’m so tired. Oh, God. Please take off your rings.”

East: all scream “Spit it out!” West: Jack screams “Spit it out before I drink you!”

East: Are we still on the air? West: You’re watching The Office right now!

Which Table Did You Sit in? – A Mean Girls Related Post

ph. Paramount

I spent the year there. As an aside, seriously, are they playing Uno? That’s what you play with your be-hated second cousins.

Then I spent two years here. We also had a guy to the left who looks like he’s in his third victory lap.

And, by ETA: gay honour code default, I sat here.

Ah, “Mean Girls.” Tina Fey taught her audience so many things through the movie.  The movie gave us so many catchphrases. It resolves a conflict through a joke written so beautifully I didn’t realize that it’s an old one. Stephanie Zacharek wrote what feels like a universally accepted critique when she says that this is a teen flick for grown-ups.

It also gave us the neuroses in really great characters in Gretchen Weiners (Lacey Chabert) and Regina George (Rachel McAdams). That scream scene where Regina discovers Cady Heron’s (Lindsay Lohan) betrayal. One has the chance to heal in the movie – she does get hit by a bus. Another’s just broken. I appreciate the work done in these characters knowing that in other, sub-par teen movies, these girls would be disposed of. Like plastics. Ha!

I don’t wanna sound like Orson Welles did the camera work in this movie, but that shot-counter shot with Cady and Miss Norbury (Fey) is just guilt inducing. Fey’s performance also had a huge hand in conveying this guilt too. Also, the crane work in the cafeteria scenes were amazingly subtle.

Also, Ebert reminds us that Mark Waters is also the only person that made Tori Spelling act – scroll down to find out how and where. The latter is wasting his time recently, and I wanna see him at it again.

ETA: This has just been submitted to Nathaniel R’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot Series.

Seminal Television: 30 Rock

(Put your hands in the air! watermarked)