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Jack Layton.

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Friend says: where are you in the world?
Paolo says: back home. so lazy
Paolo: *i am so lazy
Friend: me too
F: but i have a hangover hence
P: is jetlag justified after two days? besides, I did vote three hours after I got off a fucking plane.
F: thats something to be proud of
F: what is your riding?
P: Don Valley West. I should have voted for Gay Rob.
P: Knock.

F: i feel bad rob is gone

he was pretty cool
good ol gay church minister rob

P: My sister volunteered for him (that’s why I know he’s gay). The Muslims of Thorncliffe loved him. He did a lot for my hood, which I doubt the Conservatives would do.
Church minister? Anglican? United? Unitarian Universalism?

F: lol
take a guess
you got it in there
one of those three

P: First one.

F: united

P: Dammit. Yeah, some white guy was telling his baby that ‘Liberals SUCK’ and was trying to help his sister/wife to vote.

F: i should have ran this year
it would have been an easy win

P: Deets on my wall?

F: are you leaving?

P: I need to eat breakfast.

F: lol okay ill just message u later.

P: Change the e to an a like Jack Layton.

F: he wont stop until the tug-job is done

P: He won’t stop until there are benefits into our mouths.

F: harper wont let that happen

P: No! I want freedom in my face!

F: stop protesting
harpers going to make gay illegal

P: He’s going to put all of us gays to prison, where we’re going to withstand brutalities BEHIND us 😛:P

F: heathen

P: I want the devil inside me.

F: you need a blessing
open your mouth and recieve the sacrement

P: I will kneel down accept the big sacrament.

Let’s talk about gay movie drama shall we?

Oh my God this blog is turning into a gossip site. I could have been either talking to you about “Undertow,” “Mid-August Lunch” or “Iron Man 2” but things didn’t go as planned. I already bought my ticket for “Hogtown Homos” and God forbid something stops me from going to that screening.

Anyway, there’s commotion in the gay community about Stephen Harper and Tony Clement withholding funds that annually go towards Gay Pride. I’ve been flip-flopping about this, pardon the double entendre.

First of all, we don’t need the money. The money really is an investment since the event and the business will gain it back, unlike the other events, as reported by Slap Upside the Head, that are getting the money. Giving the funds is also more like a gesture of the government’s support of gays in Canada.

But then I found out last Friday while watching “Poison” that Canadian Heritage and Canada Council for the Arts have given funds to the Inside Out Festival, and the government hasn’t turned its back on the gays. I don’t know if that money provided mere tables or the funds to get the new James Franco movie into this medium-sized festival.

But then the first words of an article of the Globe and Mail states that Harper is probably gonna spend A BILLION DOLLARS at the G20 summit. I understand that they need first class SWAT gear, but if a billion dollars is lying around the country’s treasury for emergency purposes, Stephen Harper can give the gays mop and bucket money.

(The G20 summit hilariously coincides with the Pride Parade. I’m gonna divide my time on both AND the World Cup then.)