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Seminal Television: Chinese Wall

Megan’s (Jessica Pare) place within the intricate plots of “Mad Men” is clearer now, although Wiener and his writers threw one or two curveballs even within a scene, turning it from job interview to seduction. Megan also implies her opinions on Don’s former secretaries, calling Peggy ‘Miss Olson’ – probably the first time I heard those words, and refers to herself as unlike Allison, not crying out of his office after the tryst. Obviously, she’s in his office the same way she thinks about Peggy being in his office. Than again some of us are wonder what would have happened if Peggy was in the office that late.

Don classifies the women in his life in two categories – an equal like Peggy and everyone else, the latter of which he treats as sexual beings. Will Megan be the happy medium between said groups?

Despite of other (conspiracy) theories, I’m one of the few people who think that she’ll be a copy writer. Megan’s gambling here since SCDP is at risk after losing Lucky Strike, but then these volatile conditions can motivate a few people like her to do what she has done.

Seminal Television: The Rejected

ph. AMC

Yes, half of the cast of Mad Men was given the red stamp last Sunday, but I wanna talk about the half-rejected. Like the brassiere ad campaign that Pete Campbell (Vincent Karthesier) has to handle, which is contentious specifically because the print makes the model look Puerto Rican. As Pete says ‘I don’t care if she looks like a Puerto Rican. Puerto Rican girls buy brassieres.’

And Sharon, the black model Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) meets in the youthquake. The girl’s parents don’t know. I’m really crossing my fingers that Peggy gets the ovaries to ask the girl to model for one of the products that SCDP work for. Don’s feeling risky this season, maybe he’ll bite too. Also double rejected in the room is Joyce, brushed aside both by Peggy and Life Magazine.

Also, the secretaries of SCDP took their powder room problems to this focus group. What went wrong here? Smaller sample size? Also reminding everyone that Peggy has been a part of focus groups like this too. When she was on the secretaries’ side of the mirror, she managed to wow Freddy. I guess girls like Peggy only come a generation. Allison’s problem is not her problem indeed.

White boys get rejected too. Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Stanton), who, despite of his great client list, rejected in SCDP ‘s inception. It’s funny seeing and listening to him being the abrasive one, since that’s pretty much Pete in 1963.  Ken’s over it though, telling Pete about the ‘the worst…retards in the same room’ of McCann Erickson. In between those superlatives, he tells Pete about his mother being a nurse, Ken representing the other half of SCDP who isn’t born with a silver spoon.

Moral lessons suck, but I like Joyce, Sharon and Ken’s getting-there survival stories, becoming the unsung heroes of this episode.