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Seminal Television: CSI

‘Anyway we had a good time in those days, you know. You could walk down the streets in this town, 15-20 years ago. With 50,000 bucks stacked on the top of your head – in SINGLES! And nobody would bother you. Except this guy.’

ph. CBS

I know, worst late tribute ever. Also, my co-worker saw him at the airport. She’s a big fan, but he says, jovially comforting ‘I’m just a regular person.’ Awesome guy. RIP.

RIP Lena Horne

(ph. doctormacro)

Lynn Redgrave Tribute

Cinema has lost a great talent as Lynn Redgrave passed away two days ago. Her death was reported yesterday.

I have only seen three of her movies. I know her mostly as the woman who can be an all out funny girl who sacrificed everything to get it right. She played the loyal maid who disapproved of Ian McKellen’s James Whale and his lifestyle in “Gods and Monsters.” She was Woody Allen’s love interest in the first sketch in the uneven “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex…,” noble enough to stand on her own. She wasn’t Woody’s comic foil, and delivered some punchlines herself. No one wore a Medieval chastity belt better than her.

She could also be a redeeming figure, the last interview subject by the titular “Kinsey.” Her character gave hope in choosing an alternative path in repressed mid-twentieth century in America.

I have seen one of the two movies where she was nominated for an Oscar. I haven’t even heard of “Georgy Girl” but I will correct that and watch it as soon as I possibly can. “Shine” and “The White Countess” will also be on the list.