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Seminal Television Roundup

Here comes Mega-Godzilla! Boom. Boom. Boom. Thank you for choosing Staples.

My turn again. His garbage disposal is a dog. He eats cereal out of a turtle shell! His bottle opener is a dog.

Well you’re gonna eat a humble pie, stuffed with crow, and a big side of sorry. ‘Cause I just did. In your face – Girl with a Negative Tattoo!

Seminal Television Roundup

The after effect of talking about Strangers on a Train, and applying it on their own lives.

ph. FOX

Bart’s on the dumps that Jessica Lovejoy (Meryl Streep) doesn’t talk to him in public, but she tempts him that ‘if it’s a secret…it’s more exciting.’

The debate between The Hurt Locker and Avatar continues.