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I Like Other Things II: Lady Gaga

(ph. Gawker)

I was watching Lady Gaga’s new music video Telephone while watching The Marriage Ref with Larry David, Madonna and Ricky Gervais. I was like this cum receptacle and vortex of trash, and watching a Jersey Shore marathon cannot duplicate the moment I had last night. I feel like I don’t have the watch anything by John Waters or anything else by Russ Meyer ever.

I’m pretty sure I saw Lady Gaga’s brunette alter ego in the video, if that person isn’t in a ditch already.

I also actually like that Beyonce totally embraces this camp, and it makes me like her again. She seems completely comfortable working and singing and dancing with another person, because seriously when was the last time that happened?

And the video tells us that Wonder Bread will kill you. Whole wheat for the win!