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Archive for March 24, 2012

Greatest Poster: On The Road

Via Alt Film Guide are two On The Road character posters, one of which is giving me a few thoughts:

Viggo Mortensen’s casting in this movie almost confused me since he also starred in a movie called The Road three years back. Either way, this chameleon of an actor gives us intriguing masculinity here. He isn’t the only one playing supporting roles to the duo of the convincingly shimmying Kristen Stewart and non-shimmying Sam Riley. There’s also Garrett Hedlund, Elisabeth Moss and Kirsten Dunst and in what world does Dunst play second fiddle to Stewart? Either way I can’t wait for everyone else’s own poster.

With this movie, Cosmopolis, Life of Pi, The Hobbit and Gatsby it’s looking like a decent year for films adapted from real literature.

I also like the sepiatone giving this semblance of fade. Have there been other great posters for 2012? Because this sure is in the running, despite of my worries that the trailer makes the movie itself look like it might not be as good as ‘everyone’ hopes.