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Footloose and The Three Musketeers

I’ll just do this so we can have some catching up to do. Here’s Footloose for ANOMALOUS MATERIAL. Sam’s more sober review is first, scroll down aaand there’s mine. With hindsight, what I say about it might be what everyone says about the Halloween party before the hangover begins. Or in the case of this movie, when the drunk teenagers crash the car to their own deaths. Nonetheless, I stand by my old statement that I like trashy movies, I like movies about dancing, I like movies about the South. And I’m making the three prong hand gesture right now.

Then there’s Paul W.S. Anderson‘s The Three Musketeers, starring his wife Milla Jovovich, who tells you her favourite colour but not really. As I said in the comments section of another blog, if this movie had papier-mâché sets, I would have given this movie an A. I do like the blurry 3D as a way to show a visual point of view being dragged or woken up. And shiny objects!