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Turning Japanese I Really…

I write these short linky posts when I’m doing ‘nothing.’ I wrote this review of Shawn Levy‘s Real Steel. I wrote it a long time ago and it went online yesterday afternoon just in time for its box office failure success. Are you for real? Levy is also proposing a sequel that might actually motherfucking happen! How many of YOU have children? And seriously, if this movie exists then Nicki Minaj should star in a Jem movie.

Want some of my review? Nuh uh UH! You have to go to Castor Troy’s ANOMALOUS MATERIAL for that. I also make fun of a child but if it’s any consolation, that child half-deserves the scorn.

The reason that the title is what it is above is because of the Japanese robot and because I’m also working on an Ozu related piece. And I thought writing about Malick was the death of me. It’s done but I want to get my images from a legit source.