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Conteporary Canadian Politics

Jack Layton.

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Friend says: where are you in the world?
Paolo says: back home. so lazy
Paolo: *i am so lazy
Friend: me too
F: but i have a hangover hence
P: is jetlag justified after two days? besides, I did vote three hours after I got off a fucking plane.
F: thats something to be proud of
F: what is your riding?
P: Don Valley West. I should have voted for Gay Rob.
P: Knock.

F: i feel bad rob is gone

he was pretty cool
good ol gay church minister rob

P: My sister volunteered for him (that’s why I know he’s gay). The Muslims of Thorncliffe loved him. He did a lot for my hood, which I doubt the Conservatives would do.
Church minister? Anglican? United? Unitarian Universalism?

F: lol
take a guess
you got it in there
one of those three

P: First one.

F: united

P: Dammit. Yeah, some white guy was telling his baby that ‘Liberals SUCK’ and was trying to help his sister/wife to vote.

F: i should have ran this year
it would have been an easy win

P: Deets on my wall?

F: are you leaving?

P: I need to eat breakfast.

F: lol okay ill just message u later.

P: Change the e to an a like Jack Layton.

F: he wont stop until the tug-job is done

P: He won’t stop until there are benefits into our mouths.

F: harper wont let that happen

P: No! I want freedom in my face!

F: stop protesting
harpers going to make gay illegal

P: He’s going to put all of us gays to prison, where we’re going to withstand brutalities BEHIND us 😛:P

F: heathen

P: I want the devil inside me.

F: you need a blessing
open your mouth and recieve the sacrement

P: I will kneel down accept the big sacrament.