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Short Take – Roman Holiday

Yes, I watched the movie with one of the mot underwhelming Best Actress winning performances, but fine, dammit, I’ll be nice. She belongs to the 1950’s crop of well-groomed actresses who took a bit more time with their lines instead of rushing and being screechy like the past generations. I still can’t deny that it’s a well done film.

Its premise of a poor little rich girl kissing a man after meeting for the past twenty-four hours, but then he who has not sinned should cast the first stone. It also shows her among the beautifully cluttered streets of Rome. And the guy playing Irving is cute, who surprisingly is in his late forties when this movie was released. Typecast as amoral cowards in war movies, he would have been in great supporting roles in sitcoms today. Ah, the wonders of black and white cinema.