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Seminal Television: Chinese Wall

Megan’s (Jessica Pare) place within the intricate plots of “Mad Men” is clearer now, although Wiener and his writers threw one or two curveballs even within a scene, turning it from job interview to seduction. Megan also implies her opinions on Don’s former secretaries, calling Peggy ‘Miss Olson’ – probably the first time I heard those words, and refers to herself as unlike Allison, not crying out of his office after the tryst. Obviously, she’s in his office the same way she thinks about Peggy being in his office. Than again some of us are wonder what would have happened if Peggy was in the office that late.

Don classifies the women in his life in two categories – an equal like Peggy and everyone else, the latter of which he treats as sexual beings. Will Megan be the happy medium between said groups?

Despite of other (conspiracy) theories, I’m one of the few people who think that she’ll be a copy writer. Megan’s gambling here since SCDP is at risk after losing Lucky Strike, but then these volatile conditions can motivate a few people like her to do what she has done.