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Seminal Television: Friends

So Chandler (Matthew Perry) talks about the freebie list that he and Janice have made up. Chandler gives his friends his list. Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry – she’s been around that long? – Yasmeen Bleeth and Jessica Rabbit. Remember supermodels? What used to be a ‘horny dude’s’ list in 1996 seems kinda awesome now, because what kind of guy would put Doutzen Kroes in their freebie list?

ph. NBC

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) – Chris O’ Donnell, John F. Kennedy Jr. – gross, because he’s dead – Daniel Day-Lewis, Sting and Parker Stevenson. Good taste. And trust me, there are girls out there who would put Daniel Day-Lewis on their freebie list today.

Ross (David Schwimmer) overthinks the exercise as usual – Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dorothy Hamill. 60% of those people also aged like wine. Too bad he bumped Isabella Rossellini and Susan Sarandon off his list. But then, if Isabella Rossellini stayed on the list, they would have done it “Green Porno” style. And she’ll be the top.

This is kinda the reason why I miss the 90’s. Despite the terrible haircuts and boring fashion, the sex symbols were the kind of men and women you imagine to have a conversation with after coitus. Thank God we have Christina Hendricks and Anne Hathaway – I know, right? – and Olivia Munn and Penelope Cruz and Freida Pinto and Hugh Jackman and Matt Damon and Jude Law and Daniel Craig and Christian Bale.

I’ll edit this post and share my list if you share yours. I already have clues up there. But then like Monica (Courtney Cox), first the boyfriend. Then the list.