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Can we have a pedestrian discussion on Demi Moore please?

(ph cinematicpassions)

So I was watching Demi Moore on “The Marriage Ref” recently. We can’t criticize her for appearing there because everyone else has. although you can criticize me for tolerating that show.

What weirds me out is how she looks like the 40-year old version of that girl who twirls her hair a lot. A cool mom or aunt to Leighton Meester or Olivia Palermo, if you will. It’s just looks jolting, and it’s just how strange noticing how raspy yet girly her voice is. The Demi Moore I know  and love is edgy and bald like “G.I. Jane.” It came as a shock watching that episode of Biography saying that edgy Demi alienated many people who knew her as the woman in “Ghost.” Also, she apparently helped Viggo Mortensen into a career.

There’s also the question of why she isn’t a contender in the race to become America’s Greatest Actress. She has a new  gig in “Happy Tears,” but it’s still an uphill climb. She might wanna just be a mom while Ashton Kutcher makes salary movies. And God knows we have the careers of other actresses her generation to resuscitate, and she’ll have to take a number and get in line. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jodie Foster were born the same year as she was. All three women have different careers and celebrity images. Demi is now known as the woman who may or may not have been photoshopped to thinness. She can do whatever she wants, she comes and goes at her own volition, and no one’s seemed to quetsion that.