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Bad Movie: Clue


(Sorry for not writing, by the way. I had two days of debauchery)

“Clue” is the first movie screened at the Toronto Underground Cinema. Tickets were free, crowd was amazing, puns are great. Wish you were there. The movie was fun. I guess the slow parts were there to pace the movie because I can’t be laughing the whole time. But it would have been more fun if I drank up while watching.

Just like these people.

NOW Magazine’s review of “Freddy vs. Jason,” where the unnamed staff member said that you could have watched that drunk because the script and the synopsis were pretty much the same. A chunk of “Clue” was like that too. Expect that the butler (the workaholic Tim Curry) rapidly doled out the series of events without breaking a sweat. As Miss Scarlet dressed in a green version of the infamous Scarlett O’Hara red dress, Leslie Ann Warren does her best Susan Sarandon. And the rest of the cast has impeccable comic timing. Good to know that it takes a lot of acting chops to make whatever this is.

Also, I love watching this chick die.

Also, the print that the cinema had is the one with ending A.

The movie was good enough to wear out my friends, and they were hungry, and I was gonna be late for  a party, so we unfortunately skipped “Big Trouble in Little China.”

One response

  1. The movie is more fun with its multiple endings… you find yourself wondering how many different ways they find to solve this mystery.

    May 26, 2011 at 4:09 pm

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