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Hot Tub Time Machine

(Not Colin Farrell. ph. clothesonfilm)

Anything to avoid the Kraken, right?

The movie has sharp, dirty dialogue that will make United Artists founder Mary Pickford roll on her grave. And it’s that kind of humour that’s actually effective. Surprisingly, the off-putting homophobic lines actually come from Lou (The Daily Show alumni Rob Corddry), a character really comfortable about crossing the lines of sexuality. I also like how the one who’s supposedly Adam (John Cusack) and Nick’s a-hole friend steals and carries the show. And just like Corddry, the cast knows how to mix serious dialogue into the punch lines without making it see contrived.

I talked about emo before, and “Hot Tub Time Machine” has related themes. It’s all about emasculation. Nick’s wife cheats on him, Adam gets divorced, Lou is drunkenness makes doctors put him on suicide watch, Jacob is the 21st century version of “It’s Pat.” It follows the comedy genre in a way that there’s a happy ending, but in this movie they never intend to get that good ending and instead tried to do everything the same when they got the chance to go back to 1986. It’s like trying to get your dick back while you’re blindfolded. And they don’t try to be the jocks but as the tradition of the genre dictates, they’re in the middle ground, becoming content, competent men.

This movie feels like a better version of “The Hangover” with time travel, which thankfully means I don’t have to see “The Hangover.” And if you wanna feel nostalgic about the 80’s, this is the go to film for that.

Someone’s probably gonna overthink this and overblow the Reagan/Communist references. Ooh, Nick represents Obama since he spoke a little Russian. But I’m too tired to do that now.

And speaking of which, the people who go to the Scotiabank Theatre are fucking idiots. I was howling at the Reaganite and 80’s pop culture references, the bros were hooting at the women’s hooters and the dick jokes. A member of the audience put his hands like a Jay-Z symbol in front of the projector. Sure, the dick jokes and the pee jokes and the seminal discharge humour were well done for what it is. But the movie was peppered with different kinds of humour and I don’t understand why the basest jokes within the movie stand out. It’s a smarter movie than it seems.

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