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I Like Other Things: Lame Inter-City Rivalries

(ph. BlogTO)

NOW Magazine released their new issue last Thursday about the good things about living in either the West End or East End, although teh cover’s pretty antagonistic.

I can’t find this article I’m citing right now, but didn’t the Star have articles about this too? Instead of Yonge Street, they wrote the Don Valley/River is where the city’s divided. Which makes sense, because I don’t think anyone from Kingston Road can get along with somebody from Church Street. BlogTO makes the same assessment and even have theories of how else the city is divided.

I live in the East End, and yes it is boring here. Nobody knows how to dress here. But we do have the hermits in the Bridle Path.


One response

  1. Who really cares about this rivalry? It is fabricated. Does any Torontonian actually care if their side is better than the other side? Doubtful. It is another case of people trying to make significant insignificant things.

    March 16, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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