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I Like Other Things

After-after thoughts on Canada winning gold on hockey:

(Upstanding citizens gather and takes their places on a soiree).

  • The hot straight guys came out of hiding.
  • Same hot straight guys are too heavy for body surfing.
  • Optimus Prime hit a lady.
  • You guys wouldn’t have been there if it we won gold for curling instead. You should.
  • I wouldn’t have been there if I didn’t sell my ticket to see a documentary about the Rwandan genocide.
  • Watching drunk people melts cynicism.
  • This is probably better than the time Michael Jackson died and everyone came to Dundas Square, which I missed.
  • We litter so well.
  • I feel bad for anyone who came to Dundas Square barefoot.
  • It’s true Americans, everyone in Canada knows everybody else.
  • Traffic lights are for sitting.
  • A crowd chanting “Let him go!” is more powerful than the court of appeals.
  • Canadian flags are also used as shawls.
  • Hockey gold makes white people krump.
  • Sidney Crosby is a BOY! A well talented boy, but nevertheless…a boy!
  • You’re saying ole like it’s the World Cup. Which makes me really excited for the World Cup.
  • We won’t get into the World Cup.

One response

  1. Optimus Prime needs to be media trained, that’s all. I remember him in the debates saying things that he shouldn’t really say in public.

    March 5, 2010 at 9:36 pm

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